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SAP2000 Training

1 day training course. Please contact us for upcoming dates and locations.


SAP2000 Training

SAP2000 represents the state-of-the-art in three dimensional finite element technology for structural engineering. SAP2000 has just been released with the Australian Steel Code Design.  CSI has just released CSIBridge a new product based on SAP2000.
Modelling Options

SAP2000 provides powerful capabilities for analysis and design of a wide range of structures, including bridges, dams, tanks and buildings. 


This training will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the use of SAP2000 graphical interface
  • Basic modelling - element types – meshing - Automatic Line Constraint.
  •  Analysis for wind and earthquake analysis, including the response spectra analysis
  • Concrete Design
  • Steel design with optimisation
  • Construction sequence loading including time dependent material properties
  • Use of Prestressed Tendons
  • Bridge Analysis – Concrete Box Girder Design – includes moving Vehicle Loads
  • 3D nonlinear time history analysis including direct integration.

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