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AFT Fathom is a totally visual platform for analysing the hydraulic aspects of pipe flow networks. AFT Fathom brings increased productivity to the pipe flow engineer by combining traditional engineering hydraulic analysis with the Windows graphical user interface. AFT Fathom provides hundreds of standard loss models for pipe system components, and also allows you to enter in your own loss data. Variable loss models that depend on flow are supported.


Features of AFT Fathom

AFT Fathom 2.0 for Windows® is a powerful pipe network solver built on an advanced graphical interface. AFT Fathom offers the following key modelling features:

  • Drag and drop modelling from an on-screen palette of components
  • Solution is provided for flow distribution in general pipe networks with variable fluid properties. It handles branches, loops and open or closed systems (assumes incompressible, steady-state flow). Numerous output reports can be generated, all of which are customisable. All printed output is of report quality. Effectively organised output data aids in verifying modelling accuracy. Flow animation can also be generated
  • Network systems that branch or loop, with no limit on number of loops
  • Pump driven systems, including multiple pumps in parallel or in series
  • AFT Fathom's powerful solution engine is based on standard techniques used for many years in industry. The Newton-Raphson method is used to solve the fundamental equations of pipe flow that govern mass and momentum balance. Solutions are obtained by iteration and matrix methods optimised for speed are employed to obtain convergence
  • Pump driven systems, including multiple pumps in parallel or in series can be modelled


AFT Fathom System Requirements

  • Windows 95 and higher or NT 4.0 and higher
  • 64MB RAM
  • 25MB hard disk space
  • Network or stand alone


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