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CSiCOL is a comprehensive software package used for the analysis and design of columns. The design of columns of any concrete, reinforced concrete, or composite cross-section can be carried out by the program. CSiCOL provides a 'Quick Design Wizard' tool that guides the users step-by-step,  through the whole process of column design. This makes the design process simple, organized and efficient. The design can be carried out in accordance with ACI-318-02, ACI-318-99, BS8110 or CSA A-23.3-94 codes.

CSiCOL is capable of handling an unlimited number of load combinations both for sway and non-sway conditions. The design actions may be specified directly or may be computed by the program using the moment magnification method. The design and analysis take into account the slenderness effects. Sway or non-sway condition checks may also be performed by the program as specified by the selected design code. Moreover, CSiCOL is capable of determining the Effective Length Factor based on the framing and end conditions of the column.

CSiCOL output includes the capacity interaction surface, load-moment curves, moment-moment curves, moment-curvature curves for various failure criteria, combined axial-flexural elastic stress contours, rebar stresses, cracked section stresses, load point location, capacity vector, neutral axis depth and orientation, etc. Reports may be created as part of the output for the analysis and design process. The reports may be customized by adding information and graphics of your choice.

CSiCOL provides several predefined parametric shapes, including a variety of solids, hollow, and flanged shapes, in addition to a large collection of Standard Steel Database Shapes, which can be used in composite columns. It is easy to merge, edit and draw Shapes to suit geometry requirements and create complex cross-sections. The program provides  tools for the alignment, stacking, and placement of these Shapes. Rebars can be placed anywhere (corner, perimeter, sides, circle, irregular, etc.) in the cross-section using several addition and placement tools.  Standard (ASTM, Metric, and Imperial ) as well as user defined rebar sets may be used.


  • Integrated Object Based Drawing Environment
  • Reinforced Concrete and Composite Columns
  • Drawing Tools for Rectangular and Circular Columns
  • Polygonal Shapes
  • Solid, Hollow and Flanged Parametric Shapes
  • Standard Steel Database Shapes
  • Merge Any Number of Shapes to Create Complex Sections
  • Add Reinforcing Bars Anywhere in the Cross-Section
  • ASTM, Metric, or Imperial Rebar Sets
  • Quick Design Wizard 
  • No Limit on Number of Load Combinations
  • Sway and Non-Sway Conditions
  • Layout Multiple Columns Simultaneously
  • Alignment Tools for Accurate Shape Placement



  • Generates Capacity Interaction Surfaces
  • Moment-Curvature Curves for Any Arbitrary Shaped Column
  • Built-in Stress-Strain Curves for Concrete and Steel
  • Model Confinement of Concrete
  • Calculates Effective Length Factors
  • Moment Magnification
  • Axial and Moment Applied Loads
  • Rebar Stresses
  • Analysis includes Slenderness Effects
  • Cracked Section Stresses
  • Calculation of Neutral Axis for Specific Loading
  • Calculates Load Point Location for a Given Loading
  • Generates All Cross-Sectional Properties



  • Cross-Sectional Plan Views with Dimensions 
  • User Defined Material Colors
  • Capacity Interaction Surfaces and Diagrams
  • Load-Moment Curves
  • Moment-Moment Curves
  • Moment-Curvature Curves for Different Axial Loads
  • Plot Stress Contours for Combined Loading
  • Plot Stresses Along Any Arbitrary Line
  • Graphical Displays of the Neutral Axis and Load Point Location
  • Overlay Multiple Data Plots
  • Color-Coded Rebar Stresses
  • Reports of the Analysis and Design Results



  • Concrete Column Design for American, British, and Canadian Codes
  • Capacity Curves
  • Automatically Sizes Member Based on User Specified Parameters
  • Slenderness Effects for Both Sway & Non-Sway Conditions
  • Moment Magnification
  • Regular or Irregular Rebar Patterns
  • Composite Design


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