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GEO-SLOPE International Ltd. develops, markets and supports state-of-the-art CAD software for geotechnical and geo-environmental modelling. GEO-SLOPE aims to create software that is both technically comprehensive and easy to use, making geotechnical modelling accessible and practical for all geotechnical engineers.

GEO-SLOPE International constantly seeks to improve its engineering capabilities and remain current with the rapid changes in the computer industry. This makes acquiring GEO-SLOPE software a profitable, long-term investment.

GEO-SLOPE Range of Products

SEEP/W is a finite element software product for analysing groundwater seepage and excess porewater pressure dissipation problems. The comprehensive formulation of SEEP/W makes it possible to consider analyses ranging from simple saturated steady problems to sophisticated saturated/unsaturated time dependent problems.
SIGMA/W is a finite element software product that can be used to perform stress and deformation analyses of earth structures. Its comprehensive formulation makes it possible to analyse both simple and highly complex problems.

SLOPE/W is a software product that uses the limit equilibrium theory to compute the factor of safety of earth and rock slopes for a variety of methods. The comprehensive formulation of SLOPE/W makes it possible to analyse both simple and complex geometric, stratigraphic and external loading conditions. 

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