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Lanner is a Process Simulation Software company that provides business managers with superior technologies that improve process understanding and support process optimisation that results in superior decisions.

Lannder adds value at each stage of a customer's journey, offering consulting that provides guided discovery and expert analysis of the problem; applications that empower process users and increase an organisation's ability to improve productivity and save money; and automated simulation components embedded in leading software suites.

Lanner's advanced simulation software is supplied to simulation professionals thougth its brand WITNESS®. Lanner's L-SIM™ brand has quickly established itself as the leading embedded process simulation engine used in enterprise suites from the top software solutions suppliers. Lanner's technology is also embedded within its expanding range of individually badged, task specific simulation and planning software applications across a vast array of industry sectors including Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Nuclear.

You may have:

  • A single pressing process or delivery issue that requires a quick answer.
  • A need to understand the risks within a proposed process life cycle.
  • A requirement to continually optimize and manage highly variable resources and demands.

Lanner Simulation Software:

  • WITNESS is a business simulation system giving you the power to model your business activities throughputs and simulate the implications of different business decisions. Witness includes in-depth support for Six Sigma projects.
    For simulation professionals, WITNESS is a world-class tool with which to simulate the implications of different business decisions and understand any process, however complex.

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