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ProcessModel is designed to perform detailed analyses of  business processes and to accurately predict the impact of changes to the system. ProcessModel helps you identify and implement changes that will maximise performance, allowing you to experiment with your business models at no risk. ProcessModel has been integrated into each step of the Six Sigma methodology.

Industries including finance, services, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals can benefit from ProcessModel's toolkits.

You can use ProcessModel to model any business process such as order fulfilment, production and manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, accounting and collections, purchasing, office and retail operations.

Because the model realistically shows your system, changes in the model can show the real life effect of changes. This allows you to look at your system from a holistic viewpoint seeing the impact of changes to the entire system rather than non-productive localised changes.

With ProcessModel you can model and simulate processes in a matter of hours. Imagine being able to accurately test different ways to make your business run more efficiently, without upsetting actual operations. The result can only be saved dollars and increased profits; our clients have proved this time and time again.


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