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SAFE provides state of the art analysis and design for concrete slabs and basement/foundation structures. Based on the finite element method, this program offers accuracy and flexibility that cannot be matched by traditional hand calculations or from equivalent computer programs. Traditional methods for the analysis of simple slab systems are tedious and time consuming and are often inapplicable for complex geometries or loadings.

General purpose finite element programs are capable of handling much more complex models, but are often cumbersome and difficult to use and also produce results that are not directly useable by the structural engineer.


Key Benefits

  • Analysis and design of regular and irregular slab/mat geometries
  • Finite Element output simplified into Strip moments
  • Rebar design (US and International codes) presented in map form

Modelling Options

SAFE is specifically tailored for concrete slab systems. It can handle arbitrary geometries, rectangular or skewed, such as openings, varied column spacings and free edges, and various loading options. Because it has been developed specifically for the structural engineer designing concrete slabs, input and output for the program is much easier to use and interpret than a general purpose finite element program. The program allows for modelling of:

  • Mat foundations
  • Two way slabs
  • Flat slabs
  • Flat slabs with column capitals
  • Waffle slabs
  • Concrete skip joist floor systems
  • Single and combination footings

Analysis Options

SAFE is an integrated windows based program that allows for the rapid definition of the model geometry and loading, including design strips. The program can analyse and design slabs with varying thickness, drop panels, openings, edge beams, discontinuities due to slip joints, as well as orthotropic plate properties.

For the basement option, a thick plate element with shear deformation on an elastic foundation (soil module may vary) is available. The module may include the stiffening effects due to walls and will also handle non-linear (no tension) uplift on the soil springs. Evaluation of punching shear ratios and displacements based on cracked properties is included.

Loading Options

A wide range of gravity loads may be applied for analysis. Loading may include point, line and surface forces and moments.

More Information and Pricing

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